best nose job,best nose surgeon in Iran
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best nose job,best nose surgeon in Iran

17 May 2020 Articles
زمان مطالعه : 4 دقیقه


best nose job,best nose surgeon in Iran

Introduction and objectives . Rhinoplasty in Iran : During recent years along with the fast growth of Internet services, most surgeons have been interested in creating a personal website or page. Most of this was for advertisements or prestige. This is, however, the reality; because plastic surgery is current between younger people and middle-aged adults, its publicity use is much restricted, while its informative use is more effective.The first day I thought I would set up a website, it was a period in which many referred to me for pre-surgery in consultation each this article we decide to recommended a best nose job, best nose surgeon in Iran.

I ask all who chose me for surgery to read carefully and thoroughly all chapters of the site, because it helps them, while in the office to get personal consultation, to have a better understanding of requirements, possibilities and results of the surgery. In addition to this, the first topic of the site relates to nose plastic surgery for its higher number of referrals

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why rhinoplasty in Iran

one of the major point in determining your surgeon’s skill is his taste. You have seen several times that even a post-operation nose has no problem,but you don’t seem to like it. In most of the cases, a photo that I show to referrals is very acceptable by many, but on the contrary, it is not interesting to other referrals. In fact, there must be an overlap between referral and surgeon tastes.

I have to give an explanation about surgeon’s taste. In the first step of the procedure, when I finish the operation of a referral’s nose, I told them that I would do it according to my own taste like all human beings. After a while, I found out that the nose of all referrals looked like each other. I saw some referrals satisfied while some others unsatisfied even though they had no problem.

For a better understanding, I have to say the surgery also becomes a habit like every scientific or practical skill, and after a while, a surgeon is accustomed to a series of special techniques. Consequently, if he/she uses only certain techniques for several years, the result would be the similarity of post-operation noses. This similarity, however, is not a defect in itself, but it will lead to dissatisfaction where referral and surgeon do not share the same taste. That’s why I decided, after a certain time, to avoid applying my own taste. I just expressed my opinion as an advice during preoperative consultation but left the choice with the referral.

 fantasy nose bydr.mohammadimofrad

fantasy nose by dr.mohammadimofrad

rhinoplasty in Iran fantasy nose job

rhinoplasty in Iran fantasy nose job

best nose job,best nose surgeon in Iran

 Referrals who want a nose plastic surgery are first faced with some questions, the most important of which is that if they heal. They should refer to a surgeon to answer this question. Now, hardest question that arises for them is how to choose a surgeon. Choosing a plastic surgeon is a very imperative process and I wish to advise my friends to study the chart below to help them to make a decision.

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A- Academic degree related to nose plastic surgery

Today that advertisement surrounds patients from every where such as satellites, newspapers, and messages in which every body introduces him as nose plastic surgeon, determining the academic degree is a must.

Four groups of expert perform nose plastic surgery

  • Plastic surgeons; these physicians are general surgeons who study for 2 or 3 years complementary curricula to learn scientifically and practically plastic and aesthetic surgeries of all body organs.
  • ENT surgeons; the focus of this group is on nose, head and neck who have academic studies in aesthetic and remedial surgeries of nose and sinus.
  • Chin and face surgeons; this group is graduated in dentistry and has completed chin and facial surgery curricula.
  • General surgeons; this group of surgeons have not studies academically but experimentally aesthetic & plastic surgery, and introduce themselves simply as aesthetic and plastic surgeons.

Among these 4 groups, the 2 first are most related with nose aesthetic surgeries. Each discipline has its weak and strong points about which I don’t want to express my opinions because of the plenty of disputes in this regard.

 Surgeon skill

When you choose a surgeon with his/her relevant specialty and academic authenticity, it becomes more difficult. Even academic education passed in the best universities does not provide guarantees of surgeon’s skill.

In our country, little attention is paid to scientific know-how of students before selection.

this results in the graduation of surgeons with higher scientific level but lower surgery skill and art.

Now, how can we access to this information?!
Referrals get to know their surgeon via advertisements or from each other.

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Usually, those who become familiar with a clinic through ads are very few and are the most troublesome referrals in the opinion of surgeons.

they come with distrust and suspicion and, therefore, they are less tolerant. They cause many difficulties and troubles.

?Why Dr Amirhosein mohammadimofrad

Iran is the capital of nose job in the world.

because its seven times more rhinoplasty is being carried out than in USA.
You can find whoever nose style surgeon you like. fantasy, dolly ,semi fantasy natural and etc.
DrAmirhossein mohammadimofrad is well known international surgeon who is more interested in natural and semi fantasy nose and revision rhinoplasty. he has done thousands of surgeries in Iran and abroad.